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Convincing my dad to let me have a party in his vineyard was never an easy task growing up. Think about it. Teenagers + Cellar full of Champagne + Illusion of unmonitored open space. Not a good combination.

Skip forward a decade or two, add in some wine knowledge, a stable salary, a slightly more mature music selection and here it is folks, a party that I not only have my Dad's permission to throw, but one that he is even helping to organise!

This is only the second time we've had a Harvest Festival and if last year was anything to go by, this year is going to be crazy. We've got Greek Lamb on the grill, our famous bubbly by the glass, greek meze and of course a brand new vineyard. We will also be releasing a small stock of bubbly for the day. First come first served!

Doors open at 10am on the 12th of March 2016. Food will be served from about 11am and at about 2:30pm, the Greek Orthodox Priest of Cape Town will be arriving to bless our brand new vineyard. That's right... celebrities in the house.

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