Circa 2017
The Family

This cellar is all about family and creating the glue that makes it stick together. No surprise that each vintage is named after a family member, starting with Lisa and after ten years ending with Matthew and his great grandmother, Olga. When the family temporarily ran out of additions the cycle was restarted in 2008 with Lisa’s second vintage but soon had to interrupt the sequence to make room for Max in 2011. We recently added our latest additions, Dalia and Leo, to the family names.

“Top management” is also staying in the family with Miranda now fully involved in running the cellar with some great experience helping her out. Miranda and her team are in charge of keeping the bubbles in the wine, the corks in the bottles, the multitude of forms filled in. Nick is never far away to asisst and bring his invaluable knowledge to the process.

The other siblings, now scattered in Europe, come and lend a helping hand when they come for a visit and join in the celebrations when they can.

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