Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines were planted at Ambeloui, situated in the picturesque valley of Hout Bay, in September 1995. The house and wine production facility with maturation cellar surrounded by a garden of lavender and roses was established in 1996.

The cellar produces only Methode Cap Classique, a bottle fermented sparkling wine in the true Champagne tradition. Grapes are harvested primarily from their own and other vineyards in the maritime climatic valley of Hout Bay, supplemented by a limited quantity from the cool areas of Elgin. Harvesting takes place in late January and early February and carefully timed for optimum berry maturity and balance. Our newest winemakers Miranda, assisted by Nick, together with the cellar staff of Alfred attend to the production. You will also find Miranda managing the sales and marketing.

The mainly hand operated specialist equipment used in the cellar was imported from France and Italy. Riddling still takes place in traditional wooden riddling racks and disgorgement is meticulously managed to produce the hand crafted fine wines offered by Ambeloui. In a normal year, 8000 bottles are produced and aged on the lees for 2 to 4 years.

Ambeloui is very proud of its bubbly and as the label says “enjoy every drop, you never know if you will find another bottle.”

Nicholas N/V

AGED: 2 years on the lees

Our youngest vintage, which is named after our Patriarch, is fresh and ready to drink at any occasion.

Miranda N/V

AGED: 4 years on the lees

In celebration of 25 years of releasing Vintages this full bodied tangy bubbly has a wonderful subtle fruity taste

Ann 2019

AGED: 4 years on the lees

Matured for another year but these bottles named after our Matriarch is still fresh and full of bubbles!

Ceri 2018

AGED: 5 years on the lees

Vibrant and citrusy yet wonderfully mature for a young wine. Matured for 5 years on the lees, the bubbles are beautifully maturing.

Martin 2017

AGED: 6 yrs on the lees

With 6 yrs on the lees it’s maturity allows for a roundness and volume to the palate. Perfect anytime drinking MCC, considering that anytime is a good time to drink MCC.

Luvuyo 2016

AGED: 6+ yrs on the lees

Aged for 6+ years on the lees and one on the cork. Well developed apple orchard nose that is ready for your special occasion or every occasion.

Rosanne Rose N/V

The elusive, rare and delicious Rose. Only a handful of bottles produced each year.


AGED: 3 - 4 years on the lees

It is filled with double the amount of bubbles for your enjoyment.
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